New Student Registration & Waiver

1. Fill out this waiver, it gets you into our system
2. The log-in you create is used for online purchases and class pre-registration
3. Once you fill out this form, you may now shop for the $60 Intro Month and sign up for some classes

If you have practiced at our original location that means you’re already in our system and can skip filling out this form. Instead, from the login screen click “forgot password” or give us a call at 416-766-9642 OR send us an email us and we will re-activate your online access. If you have classes remaining on your account from before our closure, we are honouring them and you’re eligible to redo your Intro Month and get acquainted with our new studio. 


All students must be 16 years old to practice on the regular class schedule; students under 18 require verbal or written consent from guardian upon registration. If you’re 15 and under you may join us for special all-ages events (like Family Day – kids practice free) or consider booking a private/group class with others in that age group.