moksha yoga bloor west studio etiquette

  • Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival to claim your reservation/sign-in to the class
  • Practice silence in the room, tippy-toeing in the practice room as quietly as possible
  • For health and safety reasons, students must remain in the practice room for the duration of the class (emergencies excepted)
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early before your first class to fill out your waiver, get a tour of the studio, lay down and acclimatize to the heat before class starts
  • If you’ve reserved a spot in a class, you must claim it at least 10 minutes before class starts as we release all unclaimed reservations 10 minutes before class starts to drop-in students.




At MYBW, students who arrive at the studio after the teacher has started the class are not permitted to enter the practice room. Why?

  • Health and safety: the series is sequenced purposely, to begin with, opening movements and breathwork to prepare the body for more challenging asanas to come later in the class. Missing these poses could potentially cause strain/injury to a muscle group
  • Quality of service offered to all students. We promise to start and end class on time with respect to our students’ schedules and do not want to sacrifice the quality of all others practice because the class is rushed (as would be the case with a sequenced class).
  • Disruption (depending on how busy the class a late entrance could be very disruptive if anyone was expected to shift their mat/props to accommodate late students
  • Reservations: students reserve spots in advance and if unclaimed these spots are given to drop-in students at 10 minutes to class

Please do not shoot the messenger if you arrive late. Thank you in advance.



We’re proudly cell-phone-free. Our studio is a space for people to unplug from their busy lives and reconnect with peace and self-care.

  • Please switch cell phones on Do Not Disturb or Vibrate upon your arrival, and keep them stashed in your coat or bag at all times. If you’d feel more comfortable keeping your cell phone for security, you may bring your electronic device into the practice room, it must be turned off, no exceptions.
  • Our Zen Den is intended for reading, chatting/connecting, playing music, drinking tea, sitting quietly, and/or petting Beauand we ask all students to take phone calls and texting in the stairwell.
  • Cell-Phone use (calling, texting etc.) is strictly prohibited in change rooms and in the practice room. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in keeping our Zen Den/Studio cell-phone-free and preserving the sanctuary.


  • Scent-free (deodorant is OK)
  • Leave bags/ personal belonging in change rooms or at home (a wallet is okay to bring in to the practice room, or a turned-off cell phone, We ask that all backpacks, purchases, yoga bags etc. be left in the changerooms to preserve the spacious feeling in the practice room and to minimize risk of teacher tripping. Note: we do not provide lockers and are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Take short showers, be mindful of water consumption and each others time. The studio is open 30 minutes before and after every class; we cannot guarantee that a teacher will be able to stay any later than 30 minutes (keep in mind for those who need to dry their hair etc.)