Grow Your Yoga 2018


Moksha and Modo Yoga Studios worldwide band together to in our annual‘GROW YOUR YOGA’ environmental outreach campaign to help protect, respect and replant forests.

For their 9th annual GROW YOUR YOGA campaign, Moksha and Modo Yoga studios have partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation, Junglekeepers, and One Tree Planted to help raise funds for habitat conservation and reforestation. Our collective goal is to raise a collective $200,000 by the end of April. After nearly 15 years of weekly by-donation karma class’ funds and donating to social, political, and environmental justice organizations, meeting their goal this year will put us closer to our BIG goal to raise $5 million since the first Moksha yoga studio opened its doors!

Known for their commitment to sustainability, human rights and social activism, Moksha and Modo Yoga studios are using this year’s GROW YOUR YOGA campaign to put more trees in the ground and protect critical habitat in the Amazon Rainforest, Costa Rica, and Canada. Each studio will donate 100% of their March and April Karma Class funds to benefit one of the three organizations.

Grow Your Yoga is about taking the practice of yoga – a contemplative practice of inquiring, vulnerability and bravery– off of the mat, to help effect real change in the world. In addition to inviting our students to attend PWYC Karma classes (by donation) at studios across Canada, the United States, Australia, and France, Moksha and Modo Yoga studios are encouraging students to get involved in spreading the word about their studio’s events to get even more people involved in raising funds for forests.

Trees, like us, exist in communities; and like the very forests that sustain our planet, you also create thriving communities at your studios. Our goal this year is to celebrate community – both social and ecological – by highlighting our Live Green and Community Support Pillars and lending our collective support to three incredible forest advocacy organizations: David Suzuki FoundationJunglekeepersOne Tree Planted.

MYBW’s studio our goal is to raise $2,500, proceeds to Junglekeepers.
The collective Moksha / Modo worldwide community goal across all 84 studios is to raise $200,000


100% of donations from our Friday 8pm Karma classes are donated to Junglekeepers for March and April.
2.  FUN-FUNDRAISING WEEKEND! April 27-29, 2018
Friday, April 27
All classes will be PWYC Karma, and the regular schedule is thrown out the window as the teachers put a spin on the regular class schedule:
  • 6:30 am World Music Moksha w/ Candace
  • 9:30 am Shamanic Yin Journey w/ Live Crystal Bowls w/ Don + Darren Austin Hall
  • 12 pm Hip Hop Flow w/ Eden
  • 5 pm Flow & Let Go w/ Leah
  • 6:30 pm Prana Flow w/ Meg
  • 8 pm Moksha The Beatles w/ Randi


Saturday, April 28
TIME: 7:30pm – ?
TICKETS: PWYC cash-only at the door
Sunday, April 27 
Join teacher and studio director Don Christensen in a 2-hour workshop that will cover the Why, What and When of becoming a teacher. Part presentation, part Q & A, part practical, you will be given an in-depth overlook at what it means to be ‘called to the lead’.
TIME: 2 – 4pm
SUPPLIES: Bring a photo of a dearly loved one
COST: $25 cash only – pay at the door ~ only 30 spots available
My Inner Fire brings their beautiful leggins to our Zen Den for a special MYBW sale and is donating a portion of their revenue to GYY! Drop by and say hello to Leah (also a Moksha teacher who did her Moksha training with Meg!)


Whether you choose to participate in any of our events or not, just reading this note is also a powerful action on your part. Being informed is crucial to creating change and protecting the earth.