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Warm Yin w/ Live Piano ::: Tuesdays at 8pm

Yin is a therapeutic practice where the focus is to stretch deep down in the joints and connective tissues. You get to know your yin postures very well as they are held for up to 5 minutes, plenty of time to find stillness, to feel the depth of your stretch, and to focus on breath. Props are used to find support and to aid in opening and stretching to the limit your body needs for that specific day. This slow pace allows the body to drift into a meditative state and ease your way into a blissful savasana.

One floats away with this blend of long, luxurious holds, focused breathing, mindful instruction and music to nourish the mind, heart and spirit.

All class passes accepted, no additional cost. Preregistration is advised and much appreciated.
Reduced Heat (26’C) + Zeena Zaiyouna on Keyboard (professional grade, 88 key)


Wednesday, January 04 to Tuesday, December 28
8:00 PM - 9:15 PM