The Energy Exchange Program

The Energy Exchange Program at Moksha Yoga Bloor West is a unique and very special way of serving the community and earning your unlimited pass, deepen your yoga practice and building bonds within the community.

It works like this…You exchange 4 hours of your time per week (same day/ same time) taking care of business (collecting mats, washing the floors, laundry, cleaning the showers, etc.); in exchange you receive:

  • Unlimited Yoga!
  • Mat, Towel + Water Jar Rental Service (with laundry service)
  • Free 30-Day Challenges
  • Free Live To Learn Workshops
  • Discounts on Retail + Workshops
  • Deeper connections to the Community
  • Tribe Gatherings / Pizza Parties / Staff Potlucks
  • EEer of the Month Prizes
  • value $180/month

To be considered for the program, all applicants must be in or have completed our Intro Month specialClick here to purchase the $60 Intro Pass, and please continue filling out the following application form as it will take some time to arrange interviews, set up training etc. If cost is an issue,  please email us to discuss alternate options.

PLEASE READ MINDFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING APPLICATION: Keep in mind that MYBW is first and foremost a Yoga Center and a place where people come for healing, community, lightness and to de-stress. We are here to offer a heart based/healing service and advocate our entire staff to radiate positivity, kindness, respect, loyalty, and accountability. AND, we can’t forget that in order to provide that essential service, we have to work hard and earn money to sustain our intention/provide this service. MYBW is a business as much as it is a practice space, and people simply do not invest in a dirty studio or if their experience is stressful. We truly/deeply rely on the Energy Exchangers just as much as we rely on the Teachers, Studio Manager and Director to keep the studio operations running smoothly, 365 days a year. We have 14 cleaning shifts a week, the studio is cleaned 8 hours a day, every day to keep the studio sparkling and require all our EEers to take their role at the studio with utmost seriousness and dedication.  Keep this in mind please and only fill out the application if this lands with you and you’re prepared to commit yourself to the role in a heartfelt way.