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Prenatal Yoga Series with Simone North

The sequencing of the class will combine therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques to support women in developing sensitivity and awareness towards the changes going on within themselves. This awareness can empower women, not only during their pregnancy, but during labour and delivery.

Through mindful movement, breath awareness, listening and relaxation techniques, women have the opportunity to cultivate an intimate mind-body connection and create a safe and serene place for baby to develop.

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Mid-Challenge Potluck (All Students Welcome)

We invite you to join us midway through our 30-Day Challenge to feast in celebration of our ambitious challengers. We will gather in the Zen Den. All students are welcome to attend and eat and celebrate our community. Vegetarian potluck welcome, if you are bringing a gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free (etc.) recipe please label it so. See… More details

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Journey Through the Chakras w/ Krista Schilter

A journey to come home to yourself. Using kundalini yoga, meditation, pranayama, and journaling we will systematically work our way from the base of the spine to the crown, awakening our energetic centers along the way. We’ll strengthen the subtle bodies and finish with an integrative session to expand the electromagnetic field. If our physical body is our hardware, then our subtle body is our software, we invite you to update your operating system.

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Letter from the Director | The August Edition 2017

It is said that at the source of all conflict lies misunderstanding. Conflict itself is the dust kicked up which clouds our ability to see misunderstanding simply as a dynamic; one that is not bad or wrong, and one that can most always be worked with. There is understanding and misunderstanding, yet all that really… More details

don christensen letter from the director moksha yoga bloor west newsletter greg pacek photography

Letter from the Director | The June Edition 2017

Every studio in the Moksha/Modo community (77 and counting) is guided and inspired by seven philosophical pillars*. These seven principles were chosen to uphold the integrity of what it is our studios offer; an asana practice that spills off our mats by transcending the benefits of our yoga experience throughout our overall behaviour. This all… More details