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Stephanie Sansen

An unexpected beginning….. I am a recovering sugar, processed food, drive-thru, negative self-talk addict. Today, as a nutritionist, I can say that I’m grateful for being that person who was 240lbs, unhealthy and unhappy because it has taught me so much about taking care of myself and living my life to the fullest.  Things began to unfold with little body whispers, that eventually turned into aggressive and desperate screams. These whispers began as aches and pains, irregular headaches and difficulty focusing; those annoying pains that are easily masked or ignored. Then my body began to talk a little louder, I felt bouts of exhaustion and dizziness. But before long, my life crashed and those whispers became impossible to get out of bed screams. My personal health journey has been far from smooth roads and sunny skies, experiences I draw from and am grateful for each and every day.  I have an undeniable passion for the healing power of food and consciousness, having experienced the immense power of transformation myself. This has lead me to know that for me, there is no better path in life than the one of supporting pin their journey of finding themselves and coming into complete, whole health. Today, as  nutritionist, reiki practitioner and Wellbeing expert my hope is to help you listen to the  whispers before your body and soul really start to scream.

Stephanie serves at Moksha Yoga Bloor West on Saturdays during the 3:30pm Yin class.