ali mullins moksha yoga

Ali Mullins

I am starting an exciting new path to becoming a Moksha Yoga instructor. I completed my teacher training in the beautiful city of Kelowna BC in July 2014.

I have always been interested in staying active and fit while having fun at the same time! It started at the age of 8 years old when I joined a dance studio, then at the age of 14 when I was looking for a change, I found a boxing club. During my 5 years there I went from doing a fitness class to becoming the 2006 National Female Canadian Champion in boxing. While obtaining my Kinesiology degree at the University of Guelph I found yoga helpful with the endeavor of my everyday studies. Since my childhood, I have struggled with a nervous stomach, which led me to yoga in 2011. Through the course of deepening my practice, I have learned how to manage my nervous tension as well as my overall well being.

Since joining Moksha Yoga I have found the same strength I used while boxing, with the grace of being a dancer and the calm mind it has given me to complete my studies.