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Letter from the Director | The October Edition 2017

A new 30-Day Challenge is upon us! You have received this letter a prior to the beginning of the month and the Challenge for a reason. I invite you all to join me on this 30 day journey to go even deeper than your asana practice. With the seemingly increasing challenges of daily life, consider that those of us with a conscious practice are being called upon to engage more with the beauty that comes with living life more responsibly; specifically through responsible action.

This letter has arrived a couple days early to allow you to find a bit of time to assign a responsible heart task for each of the 30 days of your Challenge. A heart task is something you know in your heart needs to be carried out. Your tasks can be something as seemingly insignificant as booking that long-overdue appointment with your dentist or as difficult as calling up your sibling to offer that longer-overdue apology. Or maybe something as life-changing as asking you-know-who to marry you, or something simple like finally cleaning the inside windshield of your car.

For the next 30 days consider that your practice on your mat is a living, breathing prayer in support of that day’s heart task. Through your breath as you reach your arms overhead, ask for what you need to help carry out that day’s task; courage, time, someone’s extra muscles, glass cleaner.

Consider that using your daily yoga practice in this way can help strengthen your conviction toward each daily heart task. Your intention is not so much something you say, though is something you become as you unearth the message that is already inside you tugging at your consciousness to get out. Your asana practice can be like the air filter that brings more clarity to what is needed for you to complete your heart task.

Remember that if it is something that is dogging your mind, be it for the past 24 hours or the past 24 years, it is a message sourced in the heart. It’s a task that is asking for attention, needing to be uncovered and brought to life, so that it may then rest and you may find more ease around it. Heart tasks are life’s priorities and there is no such thing as an insignificant one. Each one is proof that you care, and to care about anyone or anything is a really big deal and must not be undervalued or written off.

Start now. Sit down, pull out your calendar and as you map out the classes you’ll take during the Challenge, start filling in the heart tasks for each day. Make them as simple and easy as you need, but listen. Listen to your heart. It speaks to you all day, every day, offering guidance in often the most simplest of ways. Use your Challenge to become the living prayer that brings more joy and ease to your life through responsible action.

See you in the practice room,


3 Responses to “Letter from the Director | The October Edition 2017”

September 30, 2017 at 11:16 am, Chris Williams said:

thanks Don!


September 30, 2017 at 10:54 pm, Kathryn RaRa Asaro Mayers said:

You Don for this message! I am grateful for Moksha Yoga Bloor West community, culture and integrity – I am here out of passion for the human race🙏


December 02, 2017 at 11:19 pm, Don Christensen said:

Thank you for your contributions, Kathryn. Happy to know you!


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