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Letter from the Director | May Edition 2017


MAY 1 2017

A phrase you probably have heard often in teachings of mindfulness, zen and yoga is Be one with…; be one with the world, be one with this moment, be one with yourself and so on. For many it’s an idiom that’s perceived as lofty, vague and mysterious, essentially making it unattainable. In the spirit of supporting the Moksha pillar Be Accessible, what if we were to change the phrase to Find acceptance for….  

To find acceptance of someone or for something in a moment is to open ourselves up to that person/thing, or to remove the barriers which allow for sincere connection. The most powerful and frequently used barrier is judgement. The moment we place a label or judgement on someone or something, we begin to weaken the possibility of accepting who they actually are or what it really is. And to weaken the flow of acceptance is to weaken connection–strengthening the power of separation to overtake.

Simply put, a lack of connection leads to loneliness.

Imagine if the only real questioning of people or things in your life came from the innocent curiosity to learn more about them/it. This is very different from the questioning that supports the story of how we think that person or thing is supposed to be. ‘Why can’t she behave more like…? Why won’t this work out in the way I want?’ Connection lost, loneliness builds.

Everyone and everything emits energy of sorts. Everyone and everything produces a sphere of energy around them. Consider that to accept someone is to allow your spheres of energy to merge–allowing energies to mix (connection). It is also in this act that one can discover that the merging of energies may not produce a healthy connection; providing information for appropriate and effective action. The most effective way to realize this is to be present, moving toward acceptance in order to feel whether this mixing of energies feels positive (or not).

Like so much of our learning, to open oneself up to this merging of energies (or being one with) is a practice. Consider it part of strengthening one’s intuition. It’s a courageous act as well, for it requires us to be more vulnerable in the moments our acceptance creates connection. Consider too that this is what it means to truly live your life; the life in front of you right now.

We humans crave connection, connection to each other and our environment. Be brave, opening yourself up to the beauty and the ugliness of life. Be one with as much of it as you’re able, and become more alive.

See you in the practice room,


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