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Letter from the Director | April Edition 2017


APRIL 1 2017

Probably like most of you reading this, I shall never forget my first yoga experience. In what I thought at the time was an unusually hot room, I had only gotten as far as Chair Pose when the words lit up big and bright on my mental marquee: WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE?!? Fortunately, like each of you, I stuck with it and by final savasana, I knew I would be returning at my next chance.

I often recall that Chair Pose moment when acknowledging one of the most valuable gifts provided by my yoga practice: how my overall comfort level increasingly reflects more of reality and less of the dramatic identifications which support my role as victim. It’s this form of mental evolution that is necessary for humans to take optimal care of themselves and it always has been. The more comfortable we become with what is real, the less we will feel victimized by our circumstances, which better enables us to take affirmative action.

A multitude of modern lifestyle conveniences have created a societal comfort level that is very unrealistic in terms of sustainability. It’s only been a few decades since modern man learned that such conveniences come at a price. Only relatively recently have we learned that it’s a price we clearly can no longer afford. This would mean that it is necessary that we, as a society, adjust our comfort level away from the unrealistic/unsustainable, trusting that we will not only be OK with the different experience that comes with a new comfort level, but that it’s crucial that we do.

In the past few years, nary a day goes by when at some point I don’t think to myself, How can the governments of the world not be scrambling to reverse the environmental destruction being caused? Why are not all citizens (including myself) taking to the street everyday, creating the necessary radical unrest which will bring immediate and effective attention to these matters? Why is environmental disrespect not front page headline news EVERYDAY!?!

As a society, we’re long overdue when it comes to getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable. We’re long overdue when it comes to dropping the victim labels which spin the vulnerability stories around what will come from altering economic prosperity. An environmental activist on any level who exists in this society is a hypocrite of some sort (including myself), yet there exist numerous avenues for daily practicing of how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and more in touch with what is real and necessary.

April 1st is Day 1 of the Grow Your Yoga 30 Day Challenge. This is the annual challenge in which all Moksha/Modo Yoga studios (74 currently) simultaneously support their Challengers (approximately 2500 students) to practice yoga 30 times in as many days, encouraging a daily practice for the rest of our lives. Also of importance is the charitable cause that each studio Challenge supports, and this year we support the Protect Our Water campaign.

Like the expectation that clean air awaits our next inhale, we turn the tap of a faucet comfortably knowing potable water comes forth. It’s a comfort too many of us take for granted, while somewhere, someone on this planet walks several kilometres each day to return home with a bucket of water equal to what we will use in one flush of our toilets.

Water is life. Today you will drink, eat and breathe it in. You will also sneeze, urinate, defecate, exhale and cry it out. You will sweat it out in your Chair Pose. There is plenty of water all around us and there always will be. What is disappearing fast is the clean, drinkable water. Please join us for the global Grow Your Yoga challenge. Our bodies are approximately 70% water. Get on your mat and listen to your body–listen to the water and for what she asks of you.

See you in the practice room,

Don Christensen | Student + Teacher + Studio Director | Moksha Yoga Bloor West


2 Responses to “Letter from the Director | April Edition 2017”

April 05, 2017 at 8:17 pm, Mary Walsh said:

Don, you always seem to inspire me with your thoughts. Your message is not falling on deaf ears. Thank you.


April 17, 2017 at 1:53 pm, donchristensen said:

Thank you, Mary.


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