$60 Intro Month & Getting Started


Intro Month first month special unlimited yoga moksha yoga bloor west

  1. If you’re brand new to MYBW please fill out the New Student Registration & Waiver.
    • If you have practiced at our original location (2484 Bloor Street West, on the north side of Bloor) you already have a profile created in our system. Instead of creating a new login, instead enter your username (which is the email you signed up with originally) and click “Forgot Password” OR call 416 766 9642 / email us and we will update and activate your online access for you.
  2. Purchase Classes:
  3. Reserve your classes (optional) online or download the App ( iPhone / Android )
  4. Meet your Teachers & Beau  (our beloved studio dog)
  5. Browse Class Types
  6. Check out Upcoming Events
  7. Connect with us socially on Facebook & Instagram

Get acquainted with the studio: Scroll down to learn more about

  • Studio Etiquette
  • No Late-comers &  Cell-Phone-Free Policy
  • Reservations & Cancellations
  • Class Recommendations
  • Exchange
  • Preparing for Practicing: What to Bring and Wear, Fueling Before & After Class
  • The Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice.


We highly recommend that all new students take advantage of our $60 Intro Month. This $100 discounted, 30-day pass allows you to try all types of classes (hot, warm + room-temperature),  meet our teachers, and ensure our studio vibe not only fits schedule but enhances your day to day and well-being before making a more significant investment.

  • Your pass begins on the day of your first class (so you can purchase in advance anytime)
  • Unlimited classes for 30 consecutive days
  • Allows time for your body to acclimate to the heat and humidity
  • Familiarize yourself with the Moksha and Moksha Flow sequences
  • Try out our reduced heat classes like Yin (live piano, live harp, Reiki, mindful pilates)
  • $2/day!
  • Bring guests for free! (any and all guests must be brand new to MYBW)
  • This is an introductory offer, each student is entitled to use it once.
  • This pass may not be transferred, shared, put on hold or refunded.
  • All students must be 16 years old to practice at MYBW (with guardian permission) on the regular schedule. Individuals 15 years old or younger can consider gathering a group and booking a Private Group Class.

If you come to class 2x a week or more, The Monthly Membership Auto-Renew contract is the by far the best deal, and extra sweet when purchased during your Intro Month with an extra $10 off. 

If you practice 1x a week or less, buy a 5, 10 or 50 Class Passes, or the One-Month-Unlimited pass. These classes never expire and you receive 10% off class bundles during your Intro.

Intro Month students receive $10 off The Monthly Membership Auto-Renew and/or 10% off all other class passes. 



  • Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival to claim your reservation/sign-in to the class
  • Practice silence in the room, tippy-toeing in the practice room as quietly as possible
  • For health and safety reasons, students must remain in the practice room for the duration of the class (emergencies excepted of course)


  • Cell-Phone use (yes even texting/googling) is strictly prohibited in change rooms (cameras + naked humans + public changeroom is not a good mix)
  • Scent-free (more and more of us are allergic to scents, please wait to apply perfumes, body mists and fragrant hair products until after you depart from the studio)
  • Leave bags/ personal belonging at home or in change rooms (a wallet is okay to bring in to the practice room, or a turned-off cell phone, We ask that all backpacks, purchases, yoga bags etc. be left in the changerooms. Note: we do not provide lockers and ask that valuables be left at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please take short showers, mindful of water consumption and each others time
  • Note that the studio is open 30 minutes before and after every class; we cannot guarantee that a teacher will be able to stay any later than 30 minutes (keep in mind for those who need to dry their hair etc.).

At MYBW (and all Moksha Yoga studios to our knowledge), students who arrive to the studio after the teacher has started the class are not permitted. You are welcome to hang out and read, enjoy a cup of tea, play one of our instruments (ukulele, violin, acoustic guitar or djembe), though we do not permit anyone to enter after the teacher begins. Why?

  • Health and safety: the series is sequenced purposely to begin with opening movements and breathwork to prepare the body for more challenging asanas to come later in the class. Missing these poses could potentially cause strain/injury to a muscle group
  • Quality of service offered to all students
  • Disruption (depending on how busy the class a late entrance could be very disruptive if anyone was expected to shift their mat/props to accommodate late students
  • Reservations and class attendance: students reserve spots in advance and if unclaimed these spots are given to drop-in students at 10 minutes to class
  • Respect and integrity: we vow to start and end class on time with respect to our students’ (often very busy) schedules

Please do not shoot the messenger if you arrive late for a class, workshop, series or event, and rest assured that you are not penalized for missing the class (no classes will be deducted from your pass, and if it’s a workshop/event the amount will be returned as Account Credit).



We are proudly cell-phone-free at Moksha Yoga Bloor West. Our studio is a place for people to disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with peace and quiet. Please switch cell phones on Do Not Disturb or Vibrate upon arrival, and keep them stashed safely away in your coat or bag at all times. If you’d feel more comfortable keeping your cell phone with you, you may bring your mobile phone into the practice room though it must be turned off (absolutely no exceptions). 

Our Zen Den (lounge) is intended for reading, chatting/connecting, playing music, drinking tea, sitting quietly, and/or petting Beau. The use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited in changerooms, and we ask all students to take phone calls in the stairwell.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in keeping our Zen Den/Studio cell-phone-zombie-free.


  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early before your first class to fill out your waiver, get a tour of the studio, lay down and acclimatize to the heat before class starts
  • If you’ve reserved a spot in a class, you must claim it at least 10 minutes before class starts as we release all unclaimed reservations 10 minutes before class starts to drop-in students.




We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Visa-debit. We do not accept Interac-Debit a form of payment.  (There is an ATM at the ESSO next door, and a TD bank at the corner of Jane & Bloor if you need to stop for cash.).

Classes, Workshops, Pre-Registered Series and Memberships
  • All sales are final. This includes Memberships, Class Passes, Workshops, Pre-registered Series and Drop-In classes.
  • Passes may not be refunded, transferred, or shared between students.
  • In cases where you have an unused classes remaining on your account that you can no longer use (because you’ve relocated or have a permanent medical issue that prevents your participation) you may request that the classes may be transferred to another Moksha Studio (we cannot guarantee that the new studio will accept the classes) or you may gift them to a loved one.
  • Please ensure that you are really excited and committed to your membership with us and that you have reviewed the agreement terms in full before signing.

Unused retail items with all tags and in original packaging may be exchanged for another size/color of equal value or for Account Credit. If there is a manufactural product defect please let us know and we will reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf and secure a replacement.

Gift Certificate

Gift Cards may not be redeemed for cash or refunded. All returned items that were purchased using a Gift Certificate will be refunded Account Credit to be used for future purchases at MYBW.



  • Begin with a classic Moksha class, once the poses become familiar then branch out to a Yin, a Flow, or a Yang Yin
  • If you like practicing with live music we offer live piano, live pedal steel guitar, and live harp on the regular schedule, no additional costs, all class passes accepted
  • Keep an eye out for Pop-up Fundraisers, Workshops and free community-building events like our Tea Talks in our Zen Den.

If you have any questions about what to expect for your first time at MYBW, please give us a call at 416-766-9642 or email our New Student Advisor Alison Grundy.



In terms of gear, bring a non-slip yoga mat, a glass or stainless steel water container, and a thin towel with you for hot classes. We sell and rent B-Yoga Mats and Guru Athletic Mat Towels in the studio). We also suggest and a facecloth to blot sweat out of your eyes and to double as an eye pillow in savasana (final relaxation), or pick up a Love My Mat Lavendar Flax Eye-Pillow .

Wear clothes that breathe, ideally, the material is “wicking” and designed for excess sweating to prevent you from overheating. Cotton blends will absorb water, become heavy and distract your attention. Lululemon designed two types of fabric specifically for moisture-wicking and excess sweating: “luon”, a nylon/lycra blend that feels like cotton designed for hot yoga) and luxtreme, a silkier-shinier-lighter weight fabric that also works wonders for heavy-sweating-breathable-fast drying.  Think of what you would wear to go for a run in the summer, or to play basketball in. Lululemon will have everything you need, or in Bloor West Village check out The Running Room or New Balance. Also an option, two wonderful Canadian and eco-friendly companies: Karma Athletics and Tonic Active.



The best way to make progress in yoga is to start where you are. It’s ok to modify postures for your comfort level and to avoid pain and to take frequent breaks to rest or take small sips of water. Our goal is that you enjoy a safe and sweaty hot yoga experience, and you can ensure this happens by listening to your body.



It’s important with hot yoga to come to class on a fairly empty stomach, avoid caffeine before class, and arrive well hydrated. Try not to eat heavy meals 2 – 3 hours before practicing. In addition to drinking straight water, we recommend coconut water, rooibos tea or electrolyte supplements or as they’re packed full of electrolytes and will replenish lost minerals due to sweating. Need a bit of energy before class? Try eating half a small banana or a couple of dates 30 minutes prior, or try one of our (organic, gluten free, locally made) energy balls available at the front desk.



A yoga practice involves stretching, strengthening, and elongating the spine for proper alignment of the vertebrae. Breathing techniques and relaxation lower blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health. In addition, they increase lung capacity, release tension and stress, and teach us to relax and enjoy life.

• Elevates in strength and resiliency
• Heightens energy
• Promotes deeper sleep
• Strengthened immunity
• Fosters a deep-rooted sense of trust
• Impacts self-awareness
• Promotes emotional vulnerability and gratitude
• Enhances mood, passion, and vitality
• Amplifies self-acceptance/ self-Love/ self-transformation/ self-actualization
• Focuses concentration



Traditionally, yoga was meant intended to become a part of the day-to-day routine. When beginning a daily practice, there are some key things to remember:

  • Listen to your body and respect its messages. When we increase body awareness our ability to listen becomes better tuned
  • Pace yourself
  • Ask teachers about adjustments for specific needs (injuries, using props, etc)
  • Take savasana before and after class for minimum of 5 minutes
  • Practice Moksha, Flow, Yin, Mindful Pilates and Stretch & Surrender to build resilience and maintain balance, variety, and curiosity within your practice
  • Days you aren’t able to take a class at studio, supplement with home practice, seated meditation or walking meditation (talk to any teacher for more details)
  • Stay well hydrated by adding sea salt + raw sugar to your water, drinking coconut water before/after or adding electrolytes to water while practicing (too much straight water can weaken mineral absorption)