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Paymun Ghaemi

I’ve always been fascinated in how my body performs and moves. This curiosity led me to a process of training Muay Thai for 3 years and a student of Yoga for 7 years. Through the process of self-inquiry and my undeniable quench expand my skill set and movement repertoire, I realized that what I am obsessed with is Movement and not a specific field of practice.

During my research, I also came to a realization that the mind and body crave movement complexity and variety. Yoga is the foundation of my practice and it has given me the gift of mindfulness which I apply to other movement practices.

If I am not practicing Yoga, you can find me in different movement facilities or in nature observing animals and playing with unconventional concepts to understand human movement development in an effort to understand what worked, how it worked and how could it be integrated into other fields of movement.

All in all, you could say that I LOVE learning about the body and mind and explore this magical vessel that navigates us through time and space.


Paymun teaches Moksha, Moksha Flow, Moksha Level 2, Yin and Restorative yoga at MYBW.