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Don Christensen

Don has always embraced the spirit of social and environmental responsibility through entrepreneurship. In 1989 he launched a music management company, representing artists who musically expressed values he could stand behind. This passionate endeavour led Don to be the founding director of the Canadian chapter of the International Music Managers Forum; a title he held until leaving the music… More details

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Meg Walsh

Meg Walsh is the Studio Manager, a certified Yoga Therapist under the Sri. Krishnamacharya lineage and teaches moksha, moksha flow, yin, vinyasa, hatha, restorative and prenatal. While working therapeutically she offers Loving support toward biopsychosocial healing using the philosophy and practices tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. She holds a BFA from OCAD University and is truly… More details

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Rupi Saran

I approach yoga from an intuitive place, rather than just physical. My class embodies the energies of each season, helping my students to connect with the phases of the Moon and the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. As a reiki practitioner, crystal therapist, and tarot reader, I blend multiple practices to create an organic yoga… More details

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Elisabeth Lagerlöf

Elisabeth came to moksha yoga looking for a good workout, but what she found  was so much more.  Always a worrier, she was shocked when she realized she had spent that first 75 sweaty minutes out of her head and in her body.  Knowing she needed more of this in her life she quickly joined… More details

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Jemima Sutherland

Jemima originally started exploring yoga as a means to balance her dance training but quickly found a home on her mat that was much more than being able to “nail dancer’s pose”. She has trained extensively in many forms of dance which has instilled a deep sense of curiosity in moving the body fluidly with… More details

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Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson, a dance teacher and social activist walked into her first yoga studio in 2009 and discovered a missing part of her life – peace of mind.  Her passion for learning has and continues to draw her to accomplished practitioners in dance, theatre, art, design, music and yoga to inform her own path of… More details

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Rich Grossman

Rich Grossman is a Toronto born musician who fell for yoga in 2009 when he was led to Moksha North York by a friend. In 2012, after an eye-opening retreat in Costa Rica, he decided to pursue his Moksha Level 1 teacher training.  Since then he completed the Moksha Flow training in 2015 and continues… More details


Krista Schilter

Krista spends her time connecting with people and places near and far. She takes her cues from an array of sources and styles, influenced greatly by her travels and practice around the world. She spices up classes with longer holds to challenge the physical body and a variety of breathing exercises to transform the mind…. More details


Heather Kosa

Heather’s love affair with yoga began when she walked into her first sweaty hot yoga class just under a decade ago in her hometown, Toronto. In years to come, as she traveled the world, Heather’s yoga practice became a source of grounding for her. Her mat became her home. Eventually when Heather found her way… More details

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Paymun Ghaemi

I’ve always been fascinated in how my body performs and moves. This curiosity lead me into a process of training Muay Thai for 3 years and a student of Yoga for 7 years. Through the process of self-inquiry and my undeniable quench expand my skill set and movement repertoire, I realized that what I am… More details