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Warm Yin with Music

Yin is a therapeutic practice where the focus is to stretch deep down in the joints and connective tissues. You get to know your yin postures very well as they are held 5-10 minutes, plenty of time to find stillness, to feel the depth of your stretch, and to focus on breath. Props are used to find support and to aid in opening and stretching to the limit your body needs for that specific day, and with the longer holds the teacher has more time to offer personalized modifications and ensure each students comfort/gage challenge. This slow pace allows the body to drift into a meditative state and ease your way into a blissful savasana.

This practice is open to beginners, recommended to runners and iron man/marathon/triathlon competitors/ weight lifters/ all who lead an active lifestyle; excellent for speeding up recovery from injury or illness ( meditation and deep breathing encourage holistic healing) and highly beneficial for those of us who use computers and cell phones or experience stress in our day to day lives.

We highly recommend using an eye-pillow for the most relaxing experience. For hygienic reasons we do not supply this prop. please BYOEP or you may purchase in studio.

Expect quietness, silence, mindfulness meditation instruction and an extended savasana.

Ability: All-Levels, arguably intermediate level as staying still and sitting with your thoughts is often quite the challenge.

Instrumental Music + Warm Practice Room (26′ – 28′ C)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Tuesday evenings we have Zeena Zaiyouna playing a professional grade keyboard, and on Saturday afternoons we have Stephanie Sansen offering Reiki (a gentle hands-on energy healing teachnique to balance physical, mental and emotional wellness).