Update for New Studio - April 2nd 2014
Finally, something worthy of reporting.  

Last week I received settlement papers signed by both myself and the singular landlord of 2454/2150 Bloor St. West.  Moksha Yoga Bloor West is now safely and comfortably free to reopen in a new location without the weight of a law suit on our back(!).  Nearly three years of intense negotiations and ensuing litigation have finally come to an end.  Never had I imagined back in August 2011, when the buildings’ new landlord requested we vacate the premises, that I would one day witness my business suddenly vaporize.  And with it, the daily assembly of teachers, energy exchangers and students who brought to life what it meant to be a member of a community. 

The process felt consuming and seemingly unending, with things taking a turn for the worse with the landlord’s expropriation and disassembly of our fire escape.  This action prompted the court hearing of last October with a judgement that surprisingly awarded the landlord immediate repossession of his building, yet also awarded MYBW immediate occupancy of it’s relocation space.  Despite the order of an Ontario Court judge clearly stating and expecting the studio to open up and be operating again within weeks at 2150 Bloor Street, MYBW continued to experience intense resistance which never allowed the judge’s order to materialize. 

Needless to say, it was not expected, anticipated or even imagined that the interruption of MYBW’s service to you would last as long as it has.  The sudden obliteration of employment from our devoted teachers was a shocking blow.  Further, there is the unfortunate and unavoidable reality that your financial and energetic investment in the studio continues to hang in suspension until we reopen.  This was and continues to be an extremely difficult position for me to be forced into; that of me requesting of you, the student, to find patience as I continue to expect you to wait to redeem passes for which you paid many months ago.  The happy majority of you have been wonderfully patient with this predicament; understanding the circumstances that have bullied MYBW into the place it currently finds itself.  Those of you who have expressed upset, I sincerely acknowledge your feelings as you are rightfully entitled to feel upset in this situation.  Despite having done all I could to keep MYBW afloat, I take full responsibility for this outcome.

Please know that I do not take your patience, your understanding or your compassion for granted.  In fact, I am sincerely humbled by the amount of support the studio continues to receive through emails, Facebook, and when I happen to encounter some of you in person.  Many of our teachers are also reminding me that your support and excitement prevails, knowing that the search for a suitable studio space continues (very actively, in fact).

In preparation for our future studio, I ask that you spend a couple minutes filling out a very short survey that will hopefully tailor our future service to you most effectively.  Like always, we are continually open to your feedback as it remains my desire and intention to relocate and reunite this spirited community as soon as possible.

WIth Love,

Don and the MYBW Family

P.S.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed suggestions and information toward finding a new home.  Please keep it coming.
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Energy Exchange Program
Due to the relocation of our studio we are not actively enrolling students into our Energy Exchange Program at this time.  We will be conducting interviews as we being preparations for our reopening.  Consider sending in your application anyway and we will keep it on file for the appropriate time.  Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.