Fall 2014 Newsletter

Quickly approaching will be the one year mark of MYBW closing its doors to facilitate future real estate redevelopment.  It has been several months since my last update though this has not been due to any lack of fervor in reestablishing our new home---just the opposite in fact.  In the past eleven months, I have viewed approximately 15 spaces in our neighbourhood and made serious offers on seven.  These addresses would be:

2340 Dundas St. West
72 Durie Street
2118 Bloor Street
1610 Bloor Street
2906 Dundas St. West
3278 Dundas St. West
3415 Dundas St. West

One of these spaces became a zoning conflict for the City Of Toronto while some spaces were lost to competing parties.  Others proved financially out of reach, and some caused proximity concerns for other yoga communities.  Whatever the reasons, I now feel that Life is asking that I hand the wheel over to another driver. I trust that this extensive search and other more personally pressing signs are telling me that I can no longer continue as the optimal force behind ensuring the reemergence of Moksha Yoga Bloor West.

Ultimately the director’s role is one of service, and it has become obvious to me that this role now needs someone with a new set of eyes to continue the search and a new energy to infuse into the community.  I feel a sadness in announcing that I will be handing over the directorship to another, yet relief and joy in trusting it will be taken up by a competent and caring being--one who must be willing to passionately prioritize MYBW’s mission statement.  Please know that I will be involved in the coming months to support the acquisition of a new space, find the best candidate for new director and facilitate her/his inauguration.  Past students can expect to have all existing class passes honoured and I plan to teach at the studio indefinitely.

I want to thank Dorinda Chiang and Alan Kay of McMaster, McIntyre & Smythe, and Bruce McEachern for providing heartfelt legal care by going way beyond what was expected.  I want to thank Jim Turnbull of Royal LePage R.E. Services Ltd. for his tireless perseverance in the ongoing search for a new space.  Thank you to those big-hearted teachers who consistently express their care for where this community is headed.  Of course, humble thanks to every student who continues to inquire, show support, provide encouragement, offer to help, forward real estate information and exert great patience and understanding for what I and my business have experienced in the past few years.  Lastly, most humble gratitude to my family who are doing their best to walk with me through a deep and sometimes dark forest.  Not one of you do I take for granted.

Serving this community as Studio Director has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my blessed life.  Not unlike parenthood, this was a role in which I learned so much, let go of a lot, and gained much more than I ever could have imagined.  With great sincerity and a deep bow to you all; thank you, thank you, thank you.

My wish is to see you in a sparkling new practice room very soon!

With Love,

Don and the MYBW Family

P.S.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed suggestions and information toward finding a new home.  Please keep it coming.

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Energy Exchange Program
Due to the relocation of our studio we are not actively enrolling students into our Energy Exchange Program at this time.  We will be conducting interviews as we being preparations for our reopening.  Consider sending in your application anyway and we will keep it on file for the appropriate time.  Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.